Details of Events

  Ballard High School 
"Class of 1966" 58th Reunion/



Nardoland in Maltby

Saturday, August 24th,  2024

12 noon until 5 PM


This years menue will be the same as last years including a selection of pizzas, a salad, beverages and cake.



We have decided not to have a 59th class reunion in 2025. Our reasoning behind this decision has to do with the planning of our 60th class reunion. As with our 30th, 40th, and 50th reunions we are planning on a more formal gathering for our 60th reunion. And, along with everything else in the past 10 years, prices have sky rocketed at most of the  popular venues in our area. By eliminating our year 2025 (59th) reunion may give us the ability to save up for the 60th gathering.

Though most of us have received an increase in our Socal Secerity income, most corporations have raised their bottom line as well. Today you can find a nice sit down meal at a restaurant for less than a drive through line at McDonalds.


If you would like to express your thoughts, please contact me at: 



 Hello Ballard Class of 1966 classmates, 
Our 57th class reunion will be held August 26, 2023. We are working on all the particulars, please keep checking back. We all miss you and will be looking forward to seeing you in August, 2023. 

 In the mean time please continue to exercise and maintain a healthy life style. If you feel anxious or depressed please seek assistance. Remain aware of new development in the arts, sciences and other areas of cultural and social interests. And remember the phrase “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” well, that’s only a myth. 
Please keep in contact with us should your Email change and as always, we want to thank you so much for your continued trust and support in our class as a whole. Without you we would find it most difficult in keeping us all together as one. Our class website address is 

Please continue to stay healthy, hopeful and in good spirit because we all wish to see you again in August.
Your Ballard High School Class of 1966 Reunion Committee.

Please inform any classmates about the existence of this website.

Please visit the "Missing" page and help us get some of these classmates off the milk cartons. Thank's again.