Next Picnic Date
September 12, 2020
3 months and 16 days left
until our reunion.
Ballard High School
"Class of 1966"

Dear Ballard Class of 1966 classmates,

Please take care of yourselves and follow the guidelines they are offering in regards to the coronavirus (COVID-19) that is spreading through our area. People are dying out there so limit your travels and wear a mask and gloves when outside. Be sure to wash your hands often with soap and water, do not touch your mouth, eyes or nose unless you have washed your hands. Use common sense about the 6 foot spacing between others. no hand shaking or roaming through large crowds and be careful about what surfaces you touch. Keep away from sick people. If you feel tired, have a fever, trouble breathing, severe cough that won’t stop or pain that you cannot soothe please call your doctor for advice. Keep hydrated, get plenty of sleep and eat healthy diets.
We, who the officials in charge has determined the most vulnerable, will not be tested unless we are sick and that applies to the rest of the population. They are not able to test the entire population at this time. This means that the healthy carriers of the virus will not be tested giving them the possibility of infecting the more vulnerable. To break it down it looks like this, 1/3 of the population may get sick and 2/3 of the population will roam the country side possibly spreading the virus to the 1/3 who may get sick. 
It would break our hearts to lose any one of us to this virus.      

Well here we are in May, not sure where April went. It just kind of disappeared along with more people then I wish to believe in. Are we ready to open up and take the chance? I am staying home because of my current responsibilities. However at the end of my two week self confinement period I make a trip to the grocery store then back into confinement. I wear a mask and gloves and when I return home I change into fresh clothes but most important I change my shoes. All these items stay airing out in my garage for the next two weeks and reused on the next trip. I can’t afford to take a chance but we still need to eat. Someone, I think it was Lynn, made a comment about wearing the mask all day in an attempt to slow down all the eating we are doing while in confinement.

I hear scientists have started testing for the virus in sewage at local wastewater plants. This seems to be a clever idea. It gives the investigators the ability to monitor numerous areas of concern all at once. The more testing we do the sooner we can isolate this virus problem and get back to our lives. 

At the beginning of World War2 there was a crazy person that started eliminating those in his country that were crippled, mentally insane and elderly because they were not contributors and were determined a burden on society. This was before the holocaust and appeared to be just a spring cleaning in their country. I am not saying that this current administration we have is purposely doing anything like this but the dragging of feet kind of makes one wonder. 95% of the names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall were Baby Boomers, I'm just saying. Stay Safe.  

If you are looking for something to do while in seclusion we have posted all of our video presentations on the Stories and Videos page. This includes our 30 year, 40 year, 45 year and 50 year reunions along with the 2017, 2018, and 2019 picnic video presentations. Please enjoy.

Just in case you were wondering; The Seattle Mariners baseball team is the only active Major League Franchise who has never played in a World Series game.  
 “Who said there is no crying in Baseball?”

Don't forget to take a look at the great pictures taken by Meridith and her husband of the 2019 picnic. Stop by our Photo Memories department and check them out. If you are new to our class website and find it difficult recognizing anyone in the pictures posted there then you may need to plan on attend our next picnic and become reacquainted. Our committee is always looking for new ideas for our gatherings. Greg Carman suggested inviting Keith Bakke and his band for entertainment. Keith, if you are seeing this, please give us a call.
In closing, Please continue to stay healthy, hopeful and in good spirit because we all wish to see you again in September. By the way, those of you who were unable to attend last year’s class picnic really missed a good one. We hope your plans for 2020 will include us next time. We are praying that this virus will have turned into a thing of the past by September. 

Thank you,
Your Ballard High School Class of 1966 Reunion Committee.
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