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John Quackenbush
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June 24, 1948 Commercial Pilot Married 3
I have been flying aircraft since I got out of the Marine Corps in 1974. Although I fly sIingle and multi-engine airplanes I usually fly helicopters for work  I fight forest fires in the summer and this will be my 43rd fire season. My time in the service and moving constantly due to the nature of my work caused me to loose contact with most of my high school friends. It's much easier to keep in touch now with cell phones and internet.

I currently live in Missoula Montana. My oldest daughter goes to Northwest University in Kirkland, my youngest daughter is a freshman in high school, and my son just went into the Marine Corps last fall. When I'm not out flying I play music with 6 bands and a few other individuals on a call when needed basis. I play Lap-Steel and Dobro. I hope to make the reunion this year if fire season has died down by mid September.
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Janis Quick
Married 2
Gosh - how did I miss this? I was in the process of remodeling/moving during the reunion -- I once counted 32 moves in my life and that was 10 or so years ago! This being the last until we retire and sail off in the RV, maybe I'll make the next reunion! I have 2 sons, 2 granddaughters, the man of my dreams -- life is good! Send Janis a MessageSend Janis a Message
Patricia Moore (Ramsey)
Executive Assistant Committed Relationship 2
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BANKER Married 3
Hope you have a great time this week-end! We can't attend, but look forward to seeing you at the next reunion! Send DIANNE a MessageSend DIANNE a Message
Dianne and I have been married 37 years and are still having a great time! We have 3 wonderful kids (all grown)_ and 2 grandchildren. Life is so good to us. Can't be there this week-end~ Have a terrific time! See you at the next one!!
Jerome Robbins
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Health Coach Married 3
Retired from teaching in 2002. Started Family Tree Digital Memories video productions. Just celebrated 30 year wedding anniversary. I have 3 grown children and 4 grand children. I make award winning wine as a hobby and love boating out on Puget Sound and the San Juans. I lost 40lbs a year ago getting to my healthy weight and now help others achieve their optimal health as a Health Coach for Take Shape For LIfe.  Life is great!
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(J) Ted Rosien
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January 03, 1948 retired Married 1
After putting in 28 years maintaing roads and streets around Seattle, with one and a half years on the old Hood Canel Bridge, [no I didn't sink it, though the though did cross my mind numerious times] I ended up in Anaconda, Mt. {Don't ask me why} After retirement I have been writing stories, (No I'm not published yet, but trying)
I have been married to a Norsk for 39 years, have one son.
Sorry, only a photo of a Norwegian Forest cat. Can't get away from the Norwegians.
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Nancy Crawford (Rotchford)
Consultant Committed Relationship
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Wanda Soderman (Rotharmel)
retired Married 1
One of your missing is found!  I'm back in Washington after many years in California.  Sorry to say that I just recently found your website because I've been living in the Woodinville area now for almost 19 years!!  Married to the same guy for 40 years with one wonderful son! Send Wanda a MessageSend Wanda a Message
Rhoda DeArment (Salois)
Married 1
Hope to see everybody at the reunion! Send Rhoda a MessageSend Rhoda a Message
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