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Lana Hrdlicka (Myers)
April 27, 1948 Retired Nanny Married 2
From Lana  Thank you to all my Facebook Friends for the information on our 50th Reunion! Alll my plans were made including my date, Pat Popham, my best friend from high school, Class of '67. I regret to say I won't be able to attend now due to recent health problems. You all will be in my thoughts on Sept. 16th.
I'm still married to the love of my life, Denny. We were blessed to celebrate our 49th anniversary in April. Blessed with a daughter and a son, both married. No grandchildren.
I attended our 20th Reunion in 1986 and after that moved to Eastern Washington where we have resided since then. I worked as a nanny for 15 yrs whatever town we lived in. We have enjoyed all outdoor activities for many years. Our favorites have been camping and golfing. Forced to give up all that after near death experience from 1 NASTY WASP STING! Thank you God for saving me!  
In 2000 Denny retired from Bonneville Power after 35 yrs of service. So did I. 
I now enjoy a very quiet life with a little gardening but mostly quilting. I am active at our church Grace United Reformed.
Looking forward to seeing pictures from the reunion. Mabe I'll make the next one.
Thanks for all the great memories Beavers!
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Dymond Nicon
Architect Single Again 2
The 40th was Great...I will be looking forward to the 45th.
Look to see you all there...
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Ann marie Boyett (Nygaard)
Married 1
wow 50 years in 2016. How did that happen? Seems like yesterday I graduated. I am still married to Gerald Nygaard from Ballard 1962. Moving a little slower these days but still have a zest for life. Spend my time involved in garden club, arts comission, and the senior center at which I am the assistant director. I have a daughter that lives in the area. Have been blessed with a very active life working mostly with seniors. What a gift I have been given. Trying to plan another trip to Iceland where my moms family is from. Looking forward to catching up with old friends in September 2016. See you there. Send Ann marie a MessageSend Ann marie a Message
John Olson
Profile picture
December 16, 1947 Certified Arborist Married 1
Profile pictureMy daughter Katrina in picture. Married to Suzanne. We live on Orcas Island where I do tree work. We love to go boating, fishing, and crabbing. Send John a MessageSend John a Message
Arlene Hoddevik (Orheim)
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Database Lead Single Again 2
I am happily working from home in Bothell.  My son and his wife live in Anchorage and my daughter, husband and two sons live in Shoreline.  I spend as much time with them and with my friends as possible.   Life is good.  I don't know if any of us will recognize each other in September, but I hope so.  See you then! Send Arlene a MessageSend Arlene a Message
Tom Patten
FISHING Married 2
Alphaa Sue Sue McDermott (Phoenix)
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Life/Business Coach/Psychic/Artist Divorced
Hey! Wasn't it yesterday? Time 45 years-wow! I recently moved to Santa Cruz because it is a strong art and music community. I am an artist and love being with creatives! I still have that strong adventure spirit in me that loves to travel. I've had a great time on this journey, some real challenges too as most of you probably have too. I have made some great friends over the years, and it's always interesting catching up with old friends. The phone is still my mode of op., call (or email) me, I'd love to be back in touch with more 'mates.

I wish all of you a continued healthy and happy life.

I simply go by the name Phoenix (for years now).
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Gerald Purdy
Retired Married 2
Missed another! Oh Well! Maybe next time.
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John Quackenbush
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June 24, 1948 Commercial Pilot Married 3
I have been flying aircraft since I got out of the Marine Corps in 1974. Although I fly sIingle and multi-engine airplanes I usually fly helicopters for work  I fight forest fires in the summer and this will be my 43rd fire season. My time in the service and moving constantly due to the nature of my work caused me to loose contact with most of my high school friends. It's much easier to keep in touch now with cell phones and internet.

I currently live in Missoula Montana. My oldest daughter goes to Northwest University in Kirkland, my youngest daughter is a freshman in high school, and my son just went into the Marine Corps last fall. When I'm not out flying I play music with 6 bands and a few other individuals on a call when needed basis. I play Lap-Steel and Dobro. I hope to make the reunion this year if fire season has died down by mid September.
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