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Stephanie Vasiliou (DeRango)
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Over-the-road truck driver Divorced 1
Will we be recognizable? I may need help to feel my way....we probably all will need alot of help but I can hardly wait to see you all. So happy to have this little bit of contact in the meantime. See ya. Send Stephanie a MessageSend Stephanie a Message
Gregory (Greg) Doering
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August 27, 1948 Retired (Dental Lab Technician) Married 5
   Since graduating Ballard High I spent time working for Boeing, until joining the Marines in 1967. I spent twelve months and twenty five days in Vietnam. After discharge I graduated from Seatle Community College in 1972, as a Dental Laboratory Technician. I spent a total of forty two years as a Crown and Bridge Tech, twenty five years as owner of my own business. I married and divorced, and remarried in 1984. Carol and I blended our five children together, raising them to be sucessful and wonderful people.
   Carol and I are both retired and living in a wonderful home overlooking sunlight beach on Whidbey Island.* I am an author of a published memoir about my two years of  military service, 1967-1969 and aftermath. My book titled "Honor & Indignity" is available on Amazon in paperback & Kindle eBook. I enjoyed the Fifty Year Reunion, and look forward to more. ❤️✌️Greg.
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Diane Gratland (Duranti)
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retired- non-profit fundraiser Widowed 2
I've recently left the "big city" for my little piece of paradise, Republic, WA. The population here is the same as our graduating class...900. Send Diane a MessageSend Diane a Message
Larry Edwards
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President of my own Marketing Company Married 2
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Paul Elo
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Carole Fish
Fundraiser Married 5
Can't wait to see everyone! I have been living in San Diego for the past 25+ years but my three grandchildren live in in Western Washington so I come up regularly. My oldest son is getting married September 3 in Port Ludlow. So September is going to be a big northwest month for me. See you soon!!! Send Carole a MessageSend Carole a Message
Mary F Tompkins (Fox)
Co-owner, HealthTrends Consulting Married 3
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Don Gerlach (Sprouse)
January 19, 1948 Construction Craft Laborer Single
Shoand took  andrtly after leaving school, I enlisted in the Army, and was informed my last name(Gerlach) was incorrect. My last name in the military, would be Sprouse, my given name at birth. Two years ago, after the passing of my Mother, I became a "SNOWBIRD"  and moved into the Fraternal Order of Eagles retirement village in Bradenton, Florida. Living the dream, lot's of golf courses and ten minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Went back to look at my profile, and frankly all of that gibberish before  "after leaving school" boggles my  mind don't know what the hell I was trying to say. B ut like the song is saying I'LL SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER! Truly looking forward to seeing everyone Send Don a MessageSend Don a Message
Sue Susan Walker (Gilman)
May 04, 1948 retired Married 2
Just moved from Edmonds to Sequim WA. Loving the changes of climate, wish we could get out and meet people. The Covid19 is making it hard. Send Sue a MessageSend Sue a Message
Susan Walker (Gilman)
Credit union branch manager Married 2
Hope to make it to the party! Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
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