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Terry Thomson
Attorney Married 4
One of my favorite college professors observed that "nothing really changes in life but the rate of change." Shortly later, he unexpectedly packed up and moved his entire family to New Zealand (during the turbulent Vietnam War years). I hope everyone is enjoying their own, indivdualized "rides" through life, with your feet on the pedal and steering like crazy! As for me, I always suffered a little bit from motion sickness. Send Terry a MessageSend Terry a Message
Lanny Turay
pharmacist Married 4
Still live in Ballard after all these years.  Work at Swedish Medical Center in Oncology.  Why retire when you are still having fun.  See you in September Send Lanny a MessageSend Lanny a Message
Linda Aylward (Vanlobensels)
Retired Married 2
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Robin Stevens (Watts)
Married 3
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Nancy Tuck (Wilder)
October 10, 1947 Homemaker/library volunteer Widowed 2
Lorraine Dull (Wizelman)
Married 1
michael michael yates (yates)
Retired Spokane Police Sergeant/HS CJ Teacher Married 7
 My wife and I always look for a reason to visit Seattle and especially Ballard. If it wasn't so crowded we would move back there in a heart beat. So we will attend the reunion but return to the Inland Empire.   Send michael a MessageSend michael a Message
Tamara Nereim (Young)
Profile picture
Supervisor, UW Married 2
I love this time in my life. A wonderful husband, 2 great "grown" children, 2 fantastic grandchildren, oh yes and 2 daucshunds. Send Tamara a MessageSend Tamara a Message
Lynn Zumwinkle
Profile picture
Real Estate Broker/owner of a Staging Co. Divorced 1
I can't believe I organized these reunions for years, and just discovered this site on Facebook, saying there would be a 45th reunion. Are you guys trying to tell me something? Well I'm coming anyway. All events need a redhead. Send Lynn a MessageSend Lynn a Message
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