Just in case you missed it.
Just in case you missed it.

There will be a minor baby boom in nine months
and one day in 2033 we shall witness the rise of
Just to set things straight!
The funny bone isn’t a bone; it’s a nerve.
Catgut isn’t made from cats; it’s made from sheep.
French Fries were invented not in France but in Belgium.
Koala bears aren’t bears; they are marsupials.
A ten gallon hat holds only about three quarts of liquid.
And lastly; all sales in a used record store are vinyl.
Oh, that one was bad!
The nursing homes, retirement homes, veteran’s homes and special care facilities for the elderly need complete Covid-19 testing of all members including staff at all locations across the country right now. These are the people most at risk and the federal government is looking the other way. 
 Steven Earl Hoefer passed away on Friday the 6th.of December 2019. Steve was a classmate of ours and to many a lifelong friend who always had a smile on his face. Some of us worked with him for many years in the building materials industry. Steve will be missed by all and we wish to extend our thoughts and prayers to Steve and his family.  
New Addition to Ron and Sally Jo's place.

This is Greg Doering Class of 66.
I wanted to share this with my classmates. I don’t have the skills to post it to web site, but hope you feel it should be there. Much more to the story I’d be willing to share at a later time.

 Whidbey vet opens up about his 50-year journey to find peace.
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We are saddened to announce the passing of classmate Marcia Latschaw who left us on November 12, 2019. Marcia was a dear friend who always had a kind word to say. She will be missed by all who knew her and we will continue to think of her often as we continue on. We wish her family and closest of friends our deepest sympathy during this time of sadness. 
November 1, 2019, our classmate Diane Bilsborrow passed away this morning. It saddens us deeply to lose another friend. Please keep her thoughts and prayers in mind during this time of sadness.  

It has come to our attention that the motorcyclist who was killed by a wrong way driver Friday, October 18th on 520 was classmate Steve Meuter. Steve had retired a short time ago from his position as Ketchikan Plant manager for Alaska General Seafood’s. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Steve's family during this time of sadness. He will truly be missed and remain in our thoughts and prayers from this time forward.
Sally Jo Clayburn, (Nardone)
22128 Paradise Lake Rd.
Snohomish, WA 98296  206-949-1299

Valor in Iraq was published 06/09/2019 by Amazon on the 14th anniversary of Daniel Chavez's death in Iraq. Please help support Ballard High School scholarships buy purchasing our classmate Jerry Smith's new book Valor in Iraq "The Daniel Chavez Story." Thank you.
From Greg Doering class of 1966.

I would like to share my recent published work.
Story can be googled at “Hill 512 The Man in the Moon”. It has some gruesome imagery, so not interesting to all audiences.
It is written from my heart as a naive nineteen year old young man that found himself in combat.

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State law provides a tax benefit program for senior citizens and the disabled called the Senior Citizen property tax exemption plan. Yet more than 26,000 qualified seniors and disabled persons have yet to register for the exemption, and only 1 in 100 of those eligible are currently enrolled. The process of applying is fairly simple.
We encourage you or those you know to take advantage of this meaningful tax relief provided for our citizens on fixed incomes.




Senior Citizens/Disabled Exemption

Qualifications include:
  • Annual household income of $40,000 or less
  • Own and occupy a house, mobile home, condo or co-op,
  • 61 years of age by December 31 of the previous year, or
  • Retired because of disability or
  • Veteran with a 100% service-connected disability
  • You are a widow, or widower, or state registered domestic partner at least 57 years of age whose spouse or state registered domestic partner had an exemption at the time of death
Once qualified, you continue to benefit from the exemption but any change in circumstances must be reported to the assessor to avoid penalties. As of this posting you will not be required to reimburse the tax savings upon the sale your property. For information, call 206-296-3920.
To apply for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Exemption, complete a 
Senior Citizen and Disabled Persons Reduction in Property Taxes Application (.PDF).
If you are not currently receiving SSI benefits, you must complete a Proof of Disability Form  
It has been brought to our attention that classmate
Steve Clark has passes away sometime in the early
days of March 2019. 
Nancy Crawford (Rotchford)

It has come to our attention that classmate Nancy Crawford Rotchford passed away today, August 6th 2018. We will all miss her warm and inviting smile. More information will be posted on our obituary page as it is received. 
Based on available observational evidence, deciding the fate and evolution of the universe have now become valid cosmological questions, being beyond the mostly untestable constraints of mythological or theological beliefs. But we do know there is not a method to control time itself and when our own time on this Earth comes to an end it has its own mythological or theological beliefs. One thing for certain is that we will be leaving everyone behind with conscious minds full of reasoning, remembering and wishes of having more time together. The first two of these mind challenges will be accepted in time but more time together can only happen while one is still alive. Please spend more of your time with those most important to you now, though your wishes may still remain, comfort will assist you in your everlasting thoughts.
It is with great regret and sadness that we must announce to you the passing of Evelyn Pedersen Stewart today June 30, 2018. Evie was dealing with health concerns when the Angels came for her. She was surrounded by family and friends at the time of her passing.
Where to begin?
Evie was a prominent member in our Ballard High School Class of 1966. She not only involved herself in all of our class reunion planning’s but she was the one responsible for installing thoughtfulness with the concern for others in all of our reunion plans.  She had too many social gatherings among friends and relatives to count (where she did all of the wonderful cooking). She was defiantly the queen of gathering when there was a need for all of us to get together in one place for a common purpose. She knew most everyone and most everyone knew her. She had a continuous smile that was warming and welcoming to all whom she encountered. She took part in many activities and reached out to many of those who were in need. We will all miss her dearly and pray that someday we will meet up with her again.
The Class of 1966 Reunion Committee   
Perry Lonnie Barth

June 25, 1925 ~ May 13, 2018

Perry passed away peacefully at home with family by his side on May 13, 2018. He had a great life, (and death!), and will be missed dearly by a huge network of family and friends. He was a third generation Seattleite, a Navy veteran, a UW grad, a music educator, (Ballard High for 25 years), and a professional drummer. He played in the Seattle Symphony for 10 years and performed with many big acts, like Henry Mancini and Nat King Cole. He served as a Seafair clown as well. He served many years with the Exchange Club and belonged for decades to the Washington Fly Fishing Club. He donated to many charities, so pick your favorite to donate in his honor! Or just go fishing!
Here is some information that was brought to our attention by Eve Jones about her husband Stuart Jones. His pole vault record was finally beat last night. Being the longest standing track and field record, I’m trying to think of a way to acknowledge his accomplishment and the accomplishment of the young man who just raised the mark says Ballard High School’s pole vault coach Theron Baker.  Stuart’s record held for 52 years. That’s amazing! Ballard Track and Field

King 5 Documentary played May 31, 2018 
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Stuart you are still our class of 66’ pole vault champion!
Jerry Edward Smith is a Seattle native who grew up in the closed-knit community of Ballard and a graduate of the Ballard High School class of 1966. After serving a year in Vietnam with the Army, he graduated from the University of Washington in 1974, and had careers in banking and in law enforcement. Currently he is a Fire Commissioner in his community in Washington State. A life long American history buff, he was inspired to discover what happened to so many from Ballard High who had died in Vietnam. He felt compelled to tell their nineteen unique experiences to honor their memories. His Book is available on Amazon.com
Harry Arvid Peterson, 69, passed away peacefully
on February 28, 2018, in Seattle, WA. He was born
August 22, 1948 in Emporia, Kansas to Paul W.
Peterson and Phyllis Bard Peterson but lived most
of his life in Seattle. He attended Ballard High School
and was a graduate of the 
University of Washington
It has come to our attention that classmate and friend Rick Arnold passed away August 2nd 2017. He was in cancer treatment for the past year or so and it had failed him. He will continue to be in our thoughts.
Here is the link to the professional photographer's website that took pictures of our annual picnic. You may view all 106 photographs with the option of purchasing copies should you desire. Just click on the address and add Beavers to where is asks you for a password.


Voices of the Vietnam War: 
Curtis Thompsons’ Story

It has come to our attention that classmate Curtis Thompson 
shares his memories of serving in the Vietnam War.  
KCTS9 is continuing to air a 2-1/2 minute trailer behind 
regular programming about Curt that includes a short video 
of him with his wife, Diane.  
This KCTS 9 video is part of a larger series of local 
stories featuring people impacted by the Vietnam War. 
The promotional series is being produced in conjunction 
with the airing of The Vietnam War, a 10-part, 18-hour 
documentary film series directed by Ken Burns and Lynn 
Novick. The program features testimony from nearly 80 
witnesses, including those who fought in the war, those 
who opposed it and civilians from both sides who have 
lived with the consequences. The first episode airs on 
Sept. 17, 2017 on KCTS 9.

Veteran Curtis Thompson shares his memories of serving in 
the Vietnam War. 
Our good friend and classmate Terry Searle
past away on Saturday, June 10, 2017.
Our prayers are with your family, RIP Terry

In Memory Of
George Irvine
Feb 1, 1948 - May 8, 2017 (Age 69)
George Irvine, a former NBA player and head coach, died Monday, May 8, 2017, of cancer, according to multiple news sources. He was 69. Irvine was born Feb. 1, 1948, in Seattle. His graduation from Ballard High School in 1966 was marked by many basketball accomplishments, including three years as Letterman, two-years on Seattle's All-City Team, and being named as a Seattle Times' 2nd Team All-Time High School Player. He was a 6-foot-6 forward when he played college basketball at the University of Washington, where he was a first-team All-Pac 8 selection in 1970.  During the 1970 NBA draft, the Seattle Supersonics chose Irvine in the eighth round. He never played for the SuperSonics, however; nor did he play with any other team in the NBA. He chose, instead, to play for the Virginia Squires, which had selected him in the American Basketball Association draft. He was with the Squires for five seasons, playing alongside Julius Erving between 1971 and 1973. Irvine then switched to the Denver Nuggets for one final pro season, in 1975-76. Irvine went on to serve as head coach for the NBA's Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons. He was with the Pacers off and on from 1984 to 1989. He led the Pistons to the playoffs during the 1999-2000 seasons, but the team lost in the first round. He coached another season with Detroit before retiring from coaching. In 2010, his basketball jersey was retired in a ceremony at Ballard High School in Seattle, WA In 2012, he was inducted into the Pac-12 Basketball Hall of Honor. A celebration of George's life was held at the Don James Center at Husky Stadium on Monday, June 5.

“Special Mention”
I has come to our attention that along with
Tim Fiorito & Sharon Springob,
Valery Shearer & Gary Kaldestad,
Mike Jacobson & Kathy Hanson,
Vicki Clouse & Lyle Morse
It gives us great pleasure to announce that
Gauld & Greg Teufel also went to prom together,
became married and are also, as with the others,
still married today. Congratulations!
Robert Neil White
Rob White, 69, died February 13, 2017. He lived his entire life
in the Seattle area. Rob was born October 20, 1947 to James
and Tova Jensen White.
Rob was an army Viet Nam veteran.
He leaves his loving wife Charlotte Burkart White and sons Neil
and Carl. He is also survived by his sister, Patricia Whitehead and
brother Michael P. White and their families.
Rob was preceded in death by his parents and sister Christianne.
A gathering of family and friends will be April 29, 2017 at Nordic
Heritage Museum from 1pm-3pm.

Reid Martin Wakefield, loving husband to Deborah Wakefield, passed away peacefully at home Saturday, February 11, 2017, at the age of 69.

Reid was born January 29, 1948 in Seattle, Washington to Donald and Virginia Wakefield.  He grew up in Ballard, graduated from Ballard High School and University of Washington and served in U.S. Navy.  Reid enjoyed a rewarding career of 36 years with The Boeing Company.

Throughout the years Reid enjoyed hiking, golf, photography, travel, model cars, hydroplanes, Rainier Club membership and spending time with Deborah and his Golden Retrievers Dexter and Tucker.

Stan Edward Boreson

May 25, 1925 ~ January 27, 2017 

Stan Boreson, a veteran Northwest entertainer, musician, humorist and television personality, died on January 27, 2017. He was 91. 

Stan was a contributor to our Ballard High School class of 1966 30 year reunion video presentation. Go to the bottom of "Stories and Videos to see Stan's video.
In true Stan Boreson style, 

he would have wanted to end with a joke...so here goes. 

Lena calls the newspaper and asked to speak to the obituaries. 

"This is the obituaries, what can I do for you?"

"I would like to put an ad in your obituaries."

"What would you like to say?"

"I'd like to say, "Ole died."

"Just two words... "Ole died?"

"Yeah, well he did."

"We have a special this week...five words for a dollar. For the same amount you can have three more words. Is there anything else you'd like to say?"

"In that case," Lena said, "I would like to say, "Ole died boat for sale."
Glen Allen John DeShaw was born 7/28/1949 in Seattle, WA and passed away 1/14/2017 in Des Moines, WA. He is survived by his loving wife of 44 years, Rebecca; daughters Jessica Overton and Jennifer DeShaw; 2 grandchildren and assorted extended family members and friends. Memorial Service will be 11AM Saturday, February 11, 2017 at St. Columba's Episcopal Church, 26715 Military Rd, Kent, WA with a reception following at 1PM at Wesley Homes Terrace Auditorium, 816 S 216th St, Des Moines, WA. Full obituary at www.edwardsmemorial.com -

Earl R. Kelly    
Earl R. KELLY Beloved Ballard High School Drama and Humanities teacher from 1954 to 1987. Founder and director of the Piccoli Junior Theatre Guild and the Director's Studio of Speech and Drama. Born to Caroline (Wheeler) and Earl Kelly, Sr. of Yakima, WA, March 25, 1925. Mr. Kelly attended the University of Washington for undergraduate and graduate degrees and also had the honor of being a John Hay Whitney Fellow in residence at Columbia University. Mr. Kelly passed away peacefully on August 8, 2007. He will be greatly missed by his many students over the years and leaves a rich legacy of appreciation and dedication to the arts. At Mr. Kelly's request, there will be no services. Remembrances may be made in his honor to the Ballard High School Foundation, PO Box 17626, Seattle, WA 98127. Soon to follow, please join us in celebrating Mr. Kelly's Life by visiting our memorial at www.mem.com. Good Show Mr. Kelly! Good night sweet Prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
There are more photographs of the 40 year reunion than this website will allow therefore, we will be rotating pictures from time to time. Remember, by left clicking on a picture enlarges it and right clicking give you the opportunity of printing it. Have fun.
Dave Milligan caught this 86lb Halibut near Sequim Washington this past April. With just a little influence from his father who grew up in Ballard, this Irishman can fish!
Gary Stewart along with other Crab Fisheries Boat Captains have created a new tourist attraction up in Alaska. The Sea Star Crab Boat that has been seen 
on the Discovery Channel's "Most Deadliest Catch" 
is now retired and has become a floating museum.
Through numerous video screens aboard the boat, tourists will experence the thrill of actual fishing operations in the Bearing Sea. They will see what made crab fishing  the most dangerous profession on Earth. The Sea Star leaves the Ballard locks on Thursday, May 17th. 2007 for Ketchikan, Alaska.

The Sea Star is back in town. It is now open for tours at Fisherman's Terminal at the South West end of the Ballard Bridge on dock #9. If you get the chance please stop down. Mention that you went to school with Gary Stewart and they will give you a very special tour.

Steve Payne, Stuart Jones and others have successfully built a replica of the old "Miss Thriftway" hydroplane.
This has taken them five years of dedication and love 
for the hydroplanes that we grew up with. In fact, many of us had pulled home made replicas of the Miss Thriftway around the streets of Ballard by string attached to our bicycles. 
Today, June 7th 2007, Steve Payne and Stuart Jones with crew successfully launched the "Miss Thriftway" onto Lake Washington. They made five three lap passes at speeds up to 120 mph. In a single word to recap this historic event........... WOW!

Rick Guttu, Steve Payne, Rick Givens and others went on a flight of a life time. 
The B-25 Mitchell Bomber which played an intricate part in WW ll made a stop in Seattle. 
The 30 minute flight gave them a seat-of-the-pants experence they will never forget.

"Buholm's all in a row"